Similarities and Differences between Email and normal mail

Sim. & Diff. of Email & normal mail There are many differences between an email and the postal service. Although, they might seem like very different ways of communication they do have similarities. Lets start with their similarities. First were does someone receive a letter? They receive them in a mailbox, the same goes with email, you go to your "inbox" which is the exact same thing as a mailbox. Then there is the address, to send someone a letter you wrote you have to write their address on the front of the letter, and for an email. you put their email address before you send it. Now going off similarities for a moment, for an email you cannot make a mistake for their address, if that happens it will most likely go to someone else. Then you have the post office, there are stuff like fedex, or USPS and with emails its what you but after the "@" such as a gmail, yahoo, or Hotmail. There are more Similarities, however, lets move on to some differences. One…

Erik Hanberg

Guest speaker: Erik Hanberg Erik Hanberg had a very interesting discussion. I thought the discussion was very informative, he talked quite a bit about the things he's done. such as the places he's worked in. But altogether, learning about his experiences about all the things he's done over his life is something I can learn from. I really enjoyed the experience of having this guest speaker in our classroom.

What I want out of TINST207

"What do I want out of my class?"
Lets start with my most basic answer. At first when I saw "Living and working in the virtual world" as one of my options for a class I was sure that it is a very interesting subject. Therefor I chose to enter the class. Now having better knowledge about what the class is, there's the question about what I want out of this class. I want to learn a lot more about the virtual world, about the internet and how it works. I am aiming to become a Computer Engineer so having this knowledge would become more useful to me. This class already sounds useful because of how our world is becoming more dependent in technology. So understanding how to work with it is, in my opinion, very important. I want to know how I should be working with our technology. I would like to greater my knowledge in the internet, how to use it more productively and understand where its going. I would like to use the internet to my advantage since there is always ne…