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Dot Com to Dot Bomb

The subject of the Dot Com to Dot Bomb was an interesting subject. I, for one, was not very interested in business. Although, now that I now know more about the real world and that starting a business would be very beneficial for me, I found this interesting. There were five stages from this: the innocent beginning, the boom, insanity, the bust, and the crawl back to sanity. Andrew fry, my professor, gave us a lecture using toy dinosaurs, each representing a company: CompuServe, AOL, Genie, Spry, and Delphi; and describing that they are extinct, or gone. A very interesting, fun, and funny way to describe and teach something. I enjoyed it very much. Going back to the lecture, starting with the first stage was the innocent beginning, which is as the name describes when companies such as these first began. then after was the boom, the boom was when all these companies were doing great and the companies were... well booming! The names of these stages are pretty explanatory if you haven…

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